Passagemaker is a long-range motorboat, of moderate size (40-70 feet), capable of making long voyages or even crossing oceans economically and comfortably, with only an aver­agely experi­enced couple as crew.

Although such a notion is well developed in relation to sailing boats, it was not until recently that the concept could be applied to motorboats. The seminal work in this area was the book by Capt. Robert Beebe called Voyaging Under Power, which followed the concept, construction, and voyages of his own boat, Passagemaker.

But it was to be a further twenty years before the concept was to catch the popular imagination, and only now do we have an established industry including a range of production and one-off boats available, a specialist magazine, web sites, discussion lists, boat shows, etc. VIANAUT has specialized in the very best vessels for Ocean Crossings and serious Coastal Cruising, which we are able to supply anywhere.