Hotel Development

VIANAUT’s Hotel Development Division is an experienced provider of a Site Evaluation, Market Feasibility, Project Design, Financial Plan preparation, and Equity and Debt placement. As soon as a Pro Forma Analysis is conducted and a Pro Forma Budget is completed, the principals can establish the amount of investment the project can support. Vianaut can provide a complete Financial Package, and if needed, assist in obtaining financing. The company can aid in the hiring of renowned Architects and Interior Decorators experienced in hotel Projects. During the years, Vianaut has worked with several franchise types and can assist with securing the most advantageous Brand Name.

List of Options & Services

  • Site Survey Evaluation
  • Feasibility Study
  • Hotel Amenities / Franchise Recommendations
  • Master Site Plan
  • Acquisition Valuation
  • Business Plan Preparation – Five year Pro Forma
  • Investor Presentations
  • Debt/Equity Placement Assistance
  • Capital Budget Preparation
  • Design Assistance
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Purchasing Coordination
  • Concept Enhancement
  • Architect Interface

Need to raise money for your Development Project (additional Equity Partners or just Debt Financing), or selling an existing Commercial Property?

Our skills and connections to Larger International Players can be a genuine asset for you.

The forceful backgrounds and extensive contacts make us well suited to advise you on many fronts, especially included Venture Capital, M&A, and corporate finance.

Our clientele want through uncomplicated solutions to implement realistic financial models in engineering management. Projects can i.e. be:

Any Viable Commercial Project, but especially:
  • -Real estate, viz. the hospitality industry, Hotel(s), shopping centre, factory, buildings, etc.
  • -Power Plants, Land based or on barge(s).

Current Projects include significant Commercial Projects in Africa, Central Europe, The Caribbean, The Far East, Etc. Financial Engineering is our specialty offering advice on a fee basis. Once you receive our set-up you will quickly see the solid foundation to be made and, as it will outline our fees, you will be able to make a value for money decision. We guarantee that you will not incur any cost whatsoever unless and until you agree to avail of our services.